Trinocular Microscope SST1

Trinocular Microscope SST1


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The SSB1 is a professional microscope used by gemmologists around the world. Excellent optical system and various illumination systems ensure better viewing effects.

The reasonable operation structure can lighten operator’s tiredness and improve the working efficiency. Fiber optic and multi-functional accessory can meet with grading and identification requirements with utmost accuracy.

  • Eyepiece: High eye-point wide field diopter adjustable eyepiece WF10X/22mm
  • Viewing head: binocular head,45°inclined,zoom objective 0.67X-4.5X,working distance 100mm. Interpupillary distance adjustable between:54mm-76mm,with built-in mechanical interlock,fixed eyepiece tube
  • Stand: Coarse range 110mm,Arm can be 0~45°rotated;provide dark-field and bright-field illumination;iris diaphragm with aperture hole adjustable fromf44mm-f3mm,wide voltage 110V~220V.
  • Upper illumination: 7W daylight fluorescent bulb,single high power 1W LED,white,light intensity adjustable.
  • Bottom illumination: 6V 30W halogen bulb, Philips 5761,light intensity adjustable.
  • Wire clips gem
  • Attractive non-wheeled carrying case

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