Precious Gemstone Professional


Start out on your journey into the world of gem education with the Qualified Gemstone Professional. It is suitable for anyone who is a gem enthusiast with little to no knowledge of gems or gemmology. All you need is a passion for gemstones, which we will build on by giving you a deeper understanding of gemstones, their properties and the stories behind their use.

Course Highlights

  • Get professional insight into identification of gem quality factors and where they are mined.
  • Learn definitions of gems, and recognize how their beauty, rarity and durability affect their value.
  • Learn to identify transparent gems like ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite and tourmaline as well as opaque gemstones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite and several others.
  • Differentiate between natural gemstones and their synthetic counterparts and simulants by using magnification to observe the internal features within them.
  • Detect phenomena in gemstones and study the cause behind each of them.
  • Learn the relation between light and gemstone colours, using a dichroscope to detect pleochroism and the effect colour has on the value of the gem.
  • Learn to use the refractometer, Chelsea colour filter and various other instruments used to identify gemstones.
  • How heat treatment, irradiation, lattice diffusion, dyeing and oil and resin treatments can alter gem appearance and properties.
  • Various types of cuts and facets like cabochons, beads and other forms and how they affect the transmission of light.