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One device that screens CVD, HPHT lab grown diamonds & natural diamonds

Screening Tray Size

Dia Screen XL

L 2.5" X W 2.5"

Dia Screen XL Pro

L 6.7" x W 8.3"

Dia Screen Jumbo

L 8.3" x W 11.8" (A4)

Key Features


Dia-Screen comes with a user-friendly interface and an inbuilt reference library.


A trust built upon various tests conducted on diamonds and stimulants, with an accurate result.


Delivers accurate results for natural or lab grown diamonds with a promise of accurate results.

Time Saving

Get accurate results within 10 seconds of screening with a complete analysis.

Save Result

Maintain a registry of your screened products by saving them for future reference.

Bluetooth Keyboard

The device comes along with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for easier access.

One Year Warranty

Dia-Screen comes with a one year warranty along with repair
services available past its tenure
one 1 year


One device that screens CVD, HPHT lab grown diamonds & natural diamonds

Free Upgrades

Software upgrades are available free for the life of the machine.

Result Consultation

Any doubts or queries regarding the results displayed by Dia screen can be solved easily by our team of expert gemologists by a simple email.

Test Sample

CVD and HPHT lab grown diamond samples, along with convenient holders.

Product Screening

As an option, send the RFT stones or jewelry to our lab, and we will screen, grade and/or certify your pieces at a 40% discount.

Dia Screen XL
Dia Screen XL Pro
Dia Screen Jumbo

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