Advanced Diamond Charter

SGL’s Advanced Diamond Charter is a suitable diploma course for those who need to study diamonds in-depth, either to further their career or to fuel their passion, which is the ultimate education in diamonds.

A good understanding of diamond grading is essential for the buying, selling and trading of diamonds. The Diamond Diploma course gives students a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of diamonds and how the diamond market operates. With a combination of theory and practical tuition, you will study all the factors that affect a diamond’s appearance and properties. You will learn about diamond grading, the 4Cs (carat weight, colour, clarity and cut) and the other factors that influence value, as well as how to identify and recognize imitations and treatments.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to recognize and describe the structure of a diamond and how this relates to its physical and optical properties.
  • Learn the different diamond types and color mechanisms occurring within diamonds to recognize and distinguish between natural, treated and synthetic diamonds and to compare and identify a diamond and its simulants.
  • Learn about diamond cuts, including the history of diamond cutting and style.
  • Learn to describe the diamond grading process, the various systems used and how grading affects the value of a diamond.
  • Learn to accurately interpret, explain, evaluate and communicate diamond testing results.
  • Each student will receive a diamond grading manual and the diamond instrument kit.
  • Learn to detect synthetics, treatments, simulants, and clarity enhanced diamonds.
  • Confidently speak the diamond language to your customers, suppliers and vendors.
  • More than 150 diamonds to be graded for practicals.