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Our Mission

SGL Labs is dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability in the diamond and precious metals industry. To further this commitment, the company has launched Eco Assure, a program aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and promoting environmental harmony. 

Through Eco Assure, SGL Labs is implementing sustainable practices throughout its supply chain, from the sourcing of materials to the manufacturing process. The program also includes initiatives to minimize waste and reduce energy consumption, such as the use of renewable energy sources and the implementation of efficient manufacturing processes. 

In addition, Eco Assure supports community-driven initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development. 

SGL Labs is committed to being a responsible and environmentally conscious company, and Eco Assure is a testament to this commitment. By reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainability, SGL Labs is helping to create a better future for the planet and future generations.

Illustration of Eco friendliness.


An approach towards helping the wildlife and environment for a better tomorrow.

Station showing zero waste outcome.

Zero Waste

An eco-friendly production that causes least damage to the environment and meets end goals.


Recycling gold in order to reduce gold mining.

Illustration showing carbon neutral image uploaded on eco assure page.

Carbon Neutral

Reduce the carbon footprint caused by the jewelry manufacturing industry.

Impact of Gold MINING

Gold mining causes adverse impacts on the environment, wildlife, and as well as the life of humans.
Three African woman trying to remove the impurities from the mud.

Human Rights

It can lead to human rights violations such as abusive work conditions, theft, and other offenses.

Porn with polluted brown dirty water which cannot be used directly.


One single gold ring can potentially create a staggering 20-tons of mining waste. This waste contains toxic chemicals which can contaminate the nearby water supply and soil.

Woman in middle of muddy water trying to segregate water from mud.

Use of Water

Large-scale projects can use an average of 60,000 - 100,000 cubic meters of water every day. Enough to be supplied to a major city for a year.

How acid mine draining looks.

Acid Mine Drainage

Sulphuric acid drains from the mine sites can be up to 300 times more concentrated than acid rain.

Two machines causing air pollution in the environment.

Air Pollution

As gold mines are typically large-scale operations requiring a sufficient amount of heavy machinery and earth-moving vehicles, airborne pollution is a significant environmental issue.

Elephant walking in middle of the forest.


The Fool's Gold or iron sulfides can harm the wildlife around the mining sites which ends up harming the ecosystem and disturbing the food chain.

Recycled Gold

Verify the authenticity of the recycled gold with SGL for an accurate detail of you jewelry piece

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"
This is one of the images used in the EcoAssure web page of SGL Labs website