SGL Education provides a variety of comprehensive courses for the learners to develop an expertise in desired course and to step confidently in the industry. Bringing knowledge with education, they will be able to judge diamonds, gemstones and colored stones as per the international grading system. The courses are designed for the students to get hands-on practice with the gemological tools and learn the assessment and detection process as per the professional standards.

Advanced Gemstone Charter

This course offers expertise and knowledge to a gem enthusiast and enables them to identify, grade and value gemstones.

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Advanced Diamond Charter

Learn about diamonds in detail and develop expertise in detecting, assessing, and understanding the art of diamond examination.
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Colored Gemstone Specialist

An expertise and knowledge for gem enthusiasts and enables them to identify, grade, and value gemstones based on international standards.
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Qualified Diamond Specialist

Understand the various aspects of diamond and factors that determine its market value. It offers a fast-paced understanding of diamond grading and the essential 4C
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Qualified Jewelry Specialist

An essential foundation of the sales and selling process which will become the key factor along your gems and Jewelry career.

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Retail Product Management

It covers a broad spectrum of topics starting from the evolution of Jewelry to manufacturing to sales techniques and merchandising .
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