Retail Product Management is a comprehensive retail-centric course, developed by SGL education. This course imparts knowledge and training on different aspects of retail. It covers a broad spectrum of topics starting from the evolution of Jewelry to manufacturing to sales techniques and merchandising. This course is tailored to create the perfect sales staff and to educate them on the techniques and responsibilities of retail sales.

Overview of the course

  • Get acquainted with different kinds of metals, precious gemstones, styles and settings in jewellery
  • Learn the ropes of merchandising
  • Learn the art of visual merchandising, which includes store layout, customer in-flow patterns, display
  • Master the art of Jewelry pricing for both old and new dimensions of sales that lead to improved business performance
  • Know the different types of diamond imitations, treatments and synthetics so you can sell with confidence

Topics Covered

This is an image of a diamond ring used on the retail product management page of SGL.
Jewelry product knowledge

Know everything there is to knot about the industry

Gemstones & precious metals

Manage to handle precious goods with care and safety

Art of merchandising

Sell goods and learn to display products that are for sale in a creative way

Inventory management

Organize and manage all the goods in a systematic order

Key to sales techniques

Interact with customers in an effective way to increase the sales

Possible Career Paths

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