Gemmology Diploma ~ Introduction

SGL’s gemmological courses have been designed to improve your knowledge in topics related to formation, mining, identification, treatments, manufacturing as well as how to face everyday tasks in the ever-changing gemstone industry.

When it comes to diamond trading, you will be able to contribute with all you have learned and perform tasks by reading the diamond price list, deal with your suppliers, different ways dealers sell their merchandise and how to make informed buying decisions. Our courses will give you a plethora of opportunities in all sectors of the industry.

By doing our courses, you can become a Gemmologist, an Appraiser, an Auctioneer, a Store Manager, a Qualified Control (QC) Expert, a Gemstone wholesaler / dealer / buyer or a Jewellery Manufacturing Production Manager.

Gemmology Education

SGL education provides comprehensive knowledge and experience to students, they will be able to judge clarity, color and cut of diamonds as well as coloured stones. The courses will teach them the use of gemmological tools with confidence and estimating gemstone weight in mounted jewellery.

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