One Device that screens CVD, HPHT Lab-Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamonds

Dia Screen can test both loose and mounted diamonds, distinguishing natural diamonds from its counter parts, in less that 10-15 seconds. Dia Screen is available in three sizes: our counter top model Dia Screen X, and the larger instruments, the XLPRO and Jumbo.

Key Features


The device is user-friendly and easy to use. No expert knowledge required to check the authenticity of the diamonds with Dia Screen, as it come with an in-built reference library.

Highly Reliable

Multiple test have been conducted with this state-of-the-art device on various collections of natural,synthetic,enhanced diamonds and stimulants to acquire perfect result quality.

Time Saving

It takes approximately 10-15 secs for screening and analysing result.

Bluetooth Keyboard

The device comes with a bluetooth keyborad with in-built mouse pad, which makes it easier to operate.

Save Result

The screened result can be saved and achieved on the tablet for reference or printing purposes.


Software upgrades are available FREE for the life of the machine.

CVD and HPHT lab-grown diamond samples, along with convenient holders.

Dia Screen comes with a one year warranty. But if anything happens to the machine after one
year, it can be shipped to us for repair.

If you would like any of the images you are seeing on the screen referred for further testing (RFT), Dia Screen allows you to save and send us that image. We will then have our gemologists view the images and report back to you.

As an option, send the RFT stones or jewelry to our lab, and we will screen, grade and/or certify your pieces at a 40% discount.




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