Survey Result


The SGL survey had a phenomenal response with over 1500 participants from India, USA, UK & UAE and we sincerely would like to thank all of them who took time to share their perspective on the varied topics covered in the survey.

We have some interesting views from the trade where a sizable amount of participants think that lab-grown diamonds will take a decent share of the natural diamond market and how the Gen-Z and Millennials will pave the road ahead on jewelry purchases to the ‘Try at home’ as the future of retailing.

Let’s have a closer look at each of the survey questions and their responses :-

1. Do you think that gold price will increase further once the COVID lockdown is lifted?

2. Which generation in the coming 2 years will spend the maximum on jewellery?

3. How much % of millennials consume jewellery only from their traditional/family Jewellers?

4. How do you foresee consumer spending habits evolve this Christmas/Diwali on diamond jewellery compared to last year?

5. Do you think online jewellery sales will catch momentum in the coming months?

6. Do you plan on expanding your online presence more aggressively?

7. Will an entry of a traditional retailer in the ecommerce space take away existing online players share?

8. How will retailers react to selling Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery?

9. Given the cost advantage nature of lab-grown diamonds, will it impact the market share for natural diamonds?

10. Will the sustainable nature of LGD’s play a big role in millennials accepting Lab-Grown Diamonds?

11. Will the rosecut (Polki) Diamond continue its fashion trend?

12. Do consumers enquire about the sustainable origin of gold and diamond before purchasing jewellery?

13. Since gold prices are increasing do you think more people would want to recycle their traditional gold jewellery for a new one?

14. Do you think ‘Try at home’ jewellery business model will be new way of engaging with consumers?

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