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A new, more transparent economy, where the supply chain meets blockchain.

Blockchain is breaking all the existing stereotypes of the diamond industry by streamlining the processes of the diamond journey from mine to the consumers, effectively providing transparency and spurring positive change in the industry.
Consumers, particularly millennials, are increasingly interested in understanding how and where their products are sourced. The blockchain ledger records every sequence of transaction from beginning to end as each transaction occurs, These transactions are cryptographically unique, secure, and immutable. Hence blockchain is ideal to record the origin, characteristics, and ownership of one of the most valuable goods on earth. It can trace a diamond’s path from the mine to the hands of the consumer with unparalleled security, privacy, and transparency.

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In partnership with Everledger, an industry-leading Blockchain technology enterprise, we’re defining next-generation standards in the diamond and jewelry industry and continuing our leadership in promoting transparency and responsibility. The cutting-edge blockchain-based technology has been integrated with our grading system to seamlessly and securely track the diamond origin and provide greater consumer assurance for responsible practices.