SGL Hearts & Arrows is a report of a diamond’s reflective scope and carries out a detailed assessment of its cut and overlapping projections, using state-of-the art technology that generates a report based on the international diamond grading system.

Hearts & Arrows

“Hearts & Arrows” diamonds are cut so precisely that their facet reflections overlap when viewed in a reflective scope. It peeps into the soul of a diamond, where it projects its beauty and playfulness. The kaleidoscopic pattern seen facedown in the pavilion resembles “Hearts,” and the pattern seen face-up in the crown resembles Arrows. Hearts & Arrows precision is typically associated with Excellent-Ideal cuts of superiority.

This is a sample report of SGL labs on heart and arrow diamond report.

The Importance of Hearts and Arrows

The eight uniform patterns seen in the top and bottom of Hearts & Arrows diamonds are associated with spiritualism and good fortune. The number eight is said to be a lucky charm in the Asian culture. The arrow pattern has been compared to the octagram of the I Ching, the Rinbo of Buddhism and the eightspoked wheel of Dharma, associated with spiritual perfection in the Buddhist faith. Regardless of spiritual belief, the astonishing achievement of the perfect Hearts & Arrows patterned into the world’s hardest substance, can be seen by any admirer of structure and composition. In its most fundamental form, it symbolizes the diamond cutter’s quest for perfection in precision and ultimate beauty of its true nature.