Every diamond is screened and graded using technology that generates a report based on the international diamond grading system. This report includes the following information:
  • Assessment of a diamond’s 4Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight
  • A plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics
  • Nature of Origin
The image is of a natural diamond which lays out detail information like grading information, technical information and characteristics of the diamond.

Security Features

Peace of mind, assured is not just a motto for SGL, it is a promise of trust and reliability. Every certificate issued from our end is safeguarded and secured with various layers of protection, setting higher benchmarks for fair trade and professionalism. 


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UV & Micro text

Security Paper

Lab Policy

Access to data

SGL reports are freely available to view, verify and download. All the SGL certification data is maintained systematically and can be presented on demand as a right to consumer perusal limited to the certificate.


Providing professional diamond identification and grading services backed with the latest technology SGL is at the front end of the laboratory-grown diamond detection scenario. SGL’s specialized services and laboratory-grown detection instruments help in the easy identification of natural diamonds.

Security features

UV text visible under UV/Blacklight, Secured 3D holograms and a special paper make the SGL certificate a document that cannot be tampered with or easily duplicated. The diamond sealing also displays many tamper-evident features to provide peace of mind.

Client anonymity

No efforts are spared to maintain client confidentiality, anonymity, and an unbiased grading report. SGL follows a system of barcodes and software modules to ensure the grading and processing of diamonds and their certificates are undertaken without any knowledge of the client details.

Additional Services

We provide unique additional services; tailored for your needs to add value to your diamond.

For further information, contact your nearest SGL Branch.

Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows is an overview of a diamond’s reflective scope and physical characteristics, carried out with a detailed assessment of its cut and overlapping projections.

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Laser Inscription

SGL tested diamonds carry laser inscribed numbers, letters, trademarks, and logos on the girdle of a diamond allowing the diamond to be easily identified. The inscription is visible under 10x magnification.
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Diamond Sealing is the ultimate security tool and ensures complete transparency and assurance of a diamond vis-à-vis the colour, clarity and cut grade.

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